Photo Packages

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Packages represent the finest photography service! If a package listed here isn’t perfect for you, I will be happy to work with you to create a custom photography package with a collection of services and products that exactly suits your needs.
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Ashy to Classy

The package, also known as “Two Week Notice” includes 5 headshots guaranteed to make sure your LinkedIn Profile is popin! 97% of all clients say they find a job within 52 weeks of updating their LinkedIn and social media profiles with these picture.
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This is one of the most popular packages! Formerly known as the “Boosie Package,” clients receive a nice mix of shoulder, chess, pants, shoes (wipe me down!) shots guaranteed to get you likes and comments on your social medial page.
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Bad and Boujee

“Rain drops, drop tops!” — This package is strictly for young professionals and inspiring entrepreneurs who are all about “show’n and tell’n!” Whether you are just starting your fashion blog or working on your bow-tie collection, this package is for you!
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For Tha Gram

This value package is customized to the client’s needs. You want shots in front of a car you don’t own? You need shots in a dress before you return it? You got a wad of one’s and a hundred? You got pyrex and Aunt Jemima pancake mix? You got empty bottles of Ciroc and water? I got you!
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Its Ya Birthday!

When “They ask me what I do and who I do it for…” Tell’em… for my birthday and for the memories! You will receive a 45 minute photo session at the end of your birthday celebration. This way you are guaranteed to get all of those essential shots of you standing on the sofa of the club and double fisting Grey Goose before being asked to leave the club and throwing up in the parking lot.
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Thirst Trap

By applying the Babylonian sexagesimal system, a patented curve analysis formula, and years of professional expertise, the most perfect camera angles will be utilized to ensure all of the emphasis is placed on your “assets.” The photos produced at the end of the session are guaranteed to “entice and trap” unsuspecting victims netting you likes, eyeball emojis and new followers.

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DM Booster - Starter Kit

This value package includes “Yaassss Gurrlll” & “Thirst Trap” and is guaranteed to multiply DMs by 69% - 96%. Colossal Sized Picasso is not responsible for the content of any related DMs. Client discretion advised.
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Bottomless Mimosas

All you Brunch-o-hollacs out there… this package is for you! I will capture beautiful candid and group shots of you and your friends as you curve members of the opposite sex, talk about folks at other tables, recap the events of the weekend for as many minutes as you provide me with bottomless mimosas or Henny!
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Before The Spades Tournament

Capture those moments with your family and friends before the Spades tournament starts, before the Henny kicks in, before folks start renigging, before NaeNae starts acting trifflin, and before the sh*t talking gets real. You are guaranteed to get those beautiful moments of unity, love and magic before the real festivities of the evening begin!
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Cuffin Season

This seasonal package, only offered between September and December, is sure to make that Tinder / OkCupid profile picture is poppin and net you that biddie / chocolate drop for the winter months. The package can be customized to captured those candids at the roof top party or those fall colors with the new hat / scarf combo. 91% of clients are able to lock something down within 10 business days of posting pictures.
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The Cookout

Summa, summa, summertime!
Time to sit back and unwind!

Ribs, BBQ Sauce, Potato Salad, Kesha’s Mac & Cheese and Kool-Aid [preferable red] … You all ready know! This package is all about capturing the essence of the cook out. The food, the laughs, the moments. Package includes a 2 hour session… however, if food is good and the DJ is on point… I’ll stay later...
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Black History Month

For those who go hard in February and honor the ancestors with that vintage Gucci Dashiki; the Spike Lee - Malcolm X Jordans; the Red-Black-Green Fendi bag classic; the Audre Lorde stilettos; the throwback Naughty-by-Nature overalls, etc. this package is for you! Make sure the haters and Trump supporters see your pride!
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Please don’t take these packages seriously… Ha! But on the real… Hire Me :)
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