I’ll take pictures for home cooked meals
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I believe getting good pictures at a reasonable cost shouldn’t be that hard. I enjoy taking pictures, having fun, traveling NYC, meeting folks, eating food, sipping wine, getting paid…. I am sure we can work something out for the Win/Win. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in setting something up or… just want to share your thoughts about my photography packages lol.
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    Make it a “Win/Win”
    Pictures for you and support for me.

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    If you can “cook”… we might be able to work something out.

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    Will take pictures for Beer/Wine and a good conversation.

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    Spare Change...?

Questions to Consider


Whats the vision?

Some individuals are looking for a photographer for their event that will work to organize and arrange specific photos for the look and feel of the event. Other prefer a more free flowing experience where unplanned candid and group shots take place.


How do I want my edited photos to Look?

Some individuals want a more traditional photobook look while other like alternative colors, eye popping angles, and creative edits.


What are you looking to do with the pictures?

Sometimes individuals are only interested in digital files, other are interested in oversized prints. To the degree that you have a sense of what you are thinking of doing with the photographs.. additional thought can be put into the session to ensure it meets your needs.
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