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What I love more than taking photos is capturing “passion at work.” This portfolio is as much a representation of my journeys as a photographer as the people, places and passions I have attempted to capture.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passions will lead you to your purpose”
— Unknown

Vote Kris

Comedian/Host/Actor Kris Atkins with his quick witted style of deadpan along with his southern vernacular leaves audiences doubled over in laughter gasping for air. Imagine Redd Foxx, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, and Richard Pryor all rolled up in Kevin Hart's body with a southern accent. That's what you get when you book Kris Atkins; satisfaction guaranteed, with the professionalism you expect.
Follow him for some “daily funny”
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Vision + System

Chris is poised to fundamentally change the American health care system (this is not an exaggeration). More on this coming soon!
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I Am - Zina Lanay

In October 2017, Zina Lanay - designer, author, entrepreneur - orchestrated the first “flash fashion show” at the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday Event. First Saturday’s remains the #1 event for young professionals to see and be seeing. Zina debuted 10 original designs from her “I AM COLLECTION” that took the crowd by storm! Learn more about Zina and her newest lines at http://www.zinalanay.com/
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Show and Tell!

Show & Tell Creative is a boutique activation group dedicated to making brands look awesome. Lead by Tracey Coleman, they offer a new look, a social media strategy or a unique event for brands find it's their voice in a market where everyone is screaming for attention. To the left are pictures from “Texture on the Runway.” Tracey’s Challenge: Counter perceptions of Cantu being an "old school" company, by refreshing it's image and positioning it as a modern fun, and relatable brand. Results: A 208% increase in social media following in less than a year.
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Nixon for Kid President

He’s just a cool kid.

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Beards and Bongos — Funk Session #2

Late night jam sessions in the basement are always good for the soul.

What feels more right than a good base line, a nice “thump” from a base kick, some complementary bongos, and a play school keyboard!
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Meet a Villain

Shantel Palacio, founder and creator of Brownsvillain.com, a website dedicated to vindicating the villainized. The website hosts a web documentary series that eloquently captures and publicizes the stories of this neighborhood and more broadly shares the story of Brownsville. The series is part of her larger vision to partner with organizations and empowering residents to transform narratives and create the extraordinary in the neighborhood she loves.
Click Here to Learn More
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Grab your Passport… Bring your Passion

Tracey Coleman began mission work as a college student volunteering abroad. 13 years later she created a way to bring those worlds together through her organization “Purpose Driven Passports.” This community of travelers dedicated to improving the lives of local citizens in the countries they visit. They create community service ideas that people can do on their own trips, and connect travelers with places they can make a big difference in only a few hours on vacation.
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Crispin had a "Vision" Veronica had a "Way"

Veronica’s Way is a 501c3 created honor the memory and life mission of Veronica L. Paul by her grandson Crispin. She spent her life spreading the word of God and helping those who are in need. Through various outreaches such as feeding the homeless and providing computer literacy to persons Abroad and state side. They empowers others to be in contribution as Veronica was in contribution to the world. Support the cause here
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The "Model" Poet

Shakele released her first book of poetry entitled “Floodgates.” It is a personal journey through young adulthood. It covers different domains: love, sisterhood, femininity, black womanhood, mental health, race, and (well-)being. These poems are reminders that we are full of life, even if we may seem a little messy from time to time. It is embracing that rawness that makes us beautiful. That makes life full.
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The "Model" Poet [Part #2]

Shakele … she is just dope!
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Life Father Like Son

No love is greater than that of a father for His son.
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Life’s betta with Jetta!

Jetta is an award-winning marketing strategist, lifestyle expert, and published author and the founder of Jettasetting, a company dedicated to sharing unique, fun experiences; and Twist Global, an influencer relations and brand strategy consultancy. She also serves as a social media correspondent, she starred in Bravo’s “Tour Group” and worked as on-air/print media contributor focused on unique travel, dining, style, and career. Contact Jetta here.
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"Changes in Stages"

“Changes in Stages” was founded by the dynamic couple of Andrew and Jules. Changes in Stages is a company dedicated to motivating people to create sustainable healthy lifestyles for themselves through transformational lifestyle guidance, encouraging healthy decisions, and motivational insight. Andrew and Jules provide healthy insights, inspirations, support and accountability helping corporate clients, small groups and individuals feel their best. Learn more here.
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Made In Brownsville

Quardean Lewis-Allen is the founder of “Made in Brownsville,” a creative agency to combat the high levels of unemployment and lack of education of young people in his neighborhood. Made in Brownsville brings mentors working in creative fields in New York City to train young people ages 14 to 24. Through 12-week apprenticeships, they're taught skills in science, technology, math, art or design. Working with Brownsville community leaders, the apprentices work to address specific problems in their community like access to healthy food or crime.
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Fashion Forward

Zina is a multitalented extraordinary woman. One part entrepreneur, one part fashion designer, one part author. The pictures captured her first annual “Prom Dress Drive Giveaway.” Hundreds of dresses, suits, and shoes were collected given away to youth ahead of “prom season.”
Click Here to learn more.
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$1,000,000 Painting

Eltsahfahn is an up and coming NYC artist who is becoming widely recognized for his oil canvas paintings depicting iconic figures from Michael Jackson to Kermit the Frog. Elsahfahn remains driven by the extraordinary - - a vision for a $1,000,000 dollar painting. In his free time, you can catch him in Harlem at one of his monthly “Sip & Paints.”
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One word that describes Monique — “Unique.” She is truly one of a kind. Style advice, fashion expertise, make up & hair… she does it ALL! She recently launched her own brand of cosmetics. For more information check out — http://Www.MyGlamboxx.com
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Kangaroo Krunk!

Jordan might be best described as a “travelholic.” You can follow his journeys and stories here.
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Save Music - Spread Love!

VH1 Save The Music is nearing 20 years as a non-profit whose supporters are music’s biggest names: Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, John Legend, John Mayer, Jason Derulo and more, but the non-profit organization that brings music back to schools works to engage the next generation as well. That effort is led by TRELL THOMAS, talent relations for VH1 Save The Music.
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The Magnanimous Life

Krystal Pegram, songstress, CEO of Well Done ProduKtions, Berklee College of Music Alumn, author has recently completed her first book entitle, “The Magnanimous Life of a Gifted Artist by Krystal Pegram.” To learn more about Krystal and here book click here.
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The Lopezs

Perhaps the only pictures as important as wedding pictures are the “pre-wedding” invitation, website, email pictures! Big thanks to Jose and Kathy for hiring me to support them in their preparation for that special day!
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A Man of Principle

“You will recognize your brothers by the way they act and move through the world. There will be a strange force about them, there will be an unspoken answer in them. This will be evident not only to you but to many, the confidence they have in themselves and in their people will be evident in their quiet saneness. …you will recognize these brothers and they will not betray you.”  - - Haki Madhubuti
…Cause my life is DOPE and I do DOPE sh*t.
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